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Practice Manager/RVT

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Veterinary Assistant/Ultrasound Technician

Ashley is a Veterinary Assistant, she has 11 years of experience in this field. She was born and raised in Montgomery County NC, she loves living in the country and experiencing the wild life that comes with it. Ashley has been around animals all her life and she has always had a higher love for them than most people. When she is not working she loves to be outside, camping, kayaking, and fourwheeling. She lives with her fur babies little dog (Chihuahua), Luna (Chi Terrier), Payten (pittie), and the memory of her best friend of 17 years Dashia (pittie). She also has a cat named Kiki, and a African Grey Parrot names snuggles. Ashley is in the process of furthering her education as a Veterinary Technician. She feels that her place in life is working with and caring for animals. She has found that true love comes in all forms, and the love, loyalty, and compassion that animal can give is priceless.


Vet Assistant/Surgery Technician 

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Vet Assistant/Surgery Technician 

Emily, a Veterinary Assistant/Surgery Technician at Seagrove Animal Hospital, embodies a profound dedication to animal care. With origins rooted in Trinity, NC, Emily’s journey into the veterinary field was fueled by a deep-seated passion for animals. Her educational pursuits led her to enroll in Penn Foster for Veterinary Technician training, where she honed her skills and knowledge. In the summer of 2023, Emily completed an internship at Seagrove Animal Hospital, solidifying her commitment to the profession.

Her decision to work with animals was influenced by her high school agriculture teacher, who instilled in her a drive to pursue her dreams. Emily’s favorite aspect of her work is the opportunity to be a healing presence for animals, offering them love and enhancing their quality of life. She finds particular fulfillment in assisting with orthopedic surgeries and other surgical procedures, where her skills truly shine.

Emily knew she had found her calling when she joined the Seagrove team and felt a sense of belonging akin to family. Beyond her professional life, Emily enjoys a rich personal life. As a triplet, she cherishes the unique bond with her siblings, her built-in best friends. In her leisure time, Emily can be found training at the gym, soaking up the sun at the beach, indulging in retail therapy, or reveling in the company of her newest feline companion, Jax the cat. Occasionally, she also lends her talents to Sir Pizza, where she considers her colleagues as another cherished family. Emily’s unwavering dedication to animal welfare and her vibrant personality make her an invaluable asset to Seagrove Animal Hospital and a beloved member of her community.


Vet Assistant

Terynn is a dedicated Veterinary Assistant at Seagrove Animal Hospital. Hailing from the countryside of Randolph County, NC, Terynn brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for animal care to her role.

Terynn holds a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from North Carolina State University, where she cultivated her deep-rooted love for animals of all kinds. Her journey into the veterinary industry stems from a lifelong fascination and affection for creatures great and small. Whether it’s working with livestock or companion animals, Terynn finds fulfillment in the unique bond shared with each furry friend.

From her earliest days volunteering at an animal practice to her immersive experiences at NC State, Terynn knew she had found her true calling in caring for animals. Her favorite aspect of the job is the opportunity to meet new pets and witness the boundless love and compassion they offer.

Outside of work, Terynn enjoys a fulfilling life with her husband, Matthew, and their beloved cat, Gatsby. Together, they cherish moments spent on motorcycle rides, beach trips, and outdoor adventures. Terynn also indulges her creative side through drawing and painting, finding solace and joy in artistic expression. With her unwavering dedication and genuine passion for animals, Terynn continues to make a positive impact at Seagrove Animal Hospital.


Customer Service Representative

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